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Teach your children to protect their earth and their health. By teaching them to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle you are ensuring their future, so that they can provide for themselves and can continue to provide for children of their own. Teach your kids to recycle today! 

Here are some fun ways to get your children involved in recycling!

  1. Vistit our Kid's Page to play recycling games or create crafts out of recycled materials.
  2. Teach them that garbage doesn't just disappear once the garbage man takes its away. Click here to learn where your trash goes once it leaves your home.
  3. Create an “Invention Box” to put recyclables in! This is a fun way to get kids to think about what their “trash” can be used for. REUSE the items from the box in craft projects found on our Kid's Page.
  4. Pencil give-a-way: If you are at the center recycling with your child(ren) feel free to have them come in and receive a free pencil for school.  These are made out of recycled materials! We encourage you to bring your children to the recycling center and show them how to sort out the materials into the different containers.
  5. Take them to our Why Recycle page and teach them about how recycling can help.


There are also ways for you to reuse and recycle household items! Click the links below to find out how to turn used household item into something new and useful or decorative!

How about decoupage with your old greeting cards?
Or making christmas lights more beautiful with your old plastic bottles?
Check out this site recommended by Kristen Potter's Library Class in California.


Check out Ten uses for dryer lint ! Number one- it's excellent tinder for campfires!

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Click the colored links below to learn cool environmental and recycling facts, play games, and more!


Educational Websites:

Learn about the environment and why it is so important for you and your family to recycle!

Kids Planet



Below are games that involve recycling education!  Ask for permission before entering any of the websites listed below.

Saving Money and the Environment: A Kid's Guide to Recycling: A master list of awesome recycling activities, discovered by students of Barbara Hayes' after-school class!



Below are links to craft ideas that use recycled materials!  Be sure to ask for help from an adult when trying out any of the new craft ideas!

Recycled Crafts from freekidscrKid's

Window Decorations

Decorative Arts & Crafts